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Multi-function steam iron brand " VITEK " is the latest breakthrough from a tool versatile steam iron. Can be used for flat iron
( Regular ironing) , dry cleaning ( ironing clothes hanging on) , steam cleaning ( cleaning function) ,
therapeutic steam ( steam therapy) , steam facial ( facial care) until Fragrant steam ( air freshener) .
1. Provide perfect ironing results either with the flat iron or dry cleaning
2. Clean kitchen equipment for stubborn stains, home furnishings and household equipment other.
3. Medical therapy
4. Make a fresh face and acne free.
5. Giving effect to clean and kill germs
6. As an air freshener

1. Steam heat will be spread evenly to the bottom of the iron is made from a mixture of aluminum and metal
2. Able to produce steam heat rapidly within 3-5 minutes, spray it in focus so that the results are more effective
3. For the function of the iron, this appliance is equipped with iron base
4. For the normal function of the iron and dry cleaning, this tool does not damage the fabric or clothing
5. For the function of cleaning ( steam cleaning) the tool is equipped with 2 types of brushes, namely a round brush and a box that can be used to clean a variety of kitchen equipment
6. Anti-sticky
7. For the therapy function of steam ( steam is therapeutic) , medical herb can be added to increase the therapeutic effects for health
8. For facial function ( steam facials) This tool works by using magnetic materials to produce steam magnetic ions
9. The latest international technology ..
10. Versatile and efficient as it has many functions and easy to use.
11. How to spray hot steam with TURBO system.

Flat Iron
Connect the flat iron hole into a water sprayer adderý s hole.
By pairing the function of ordinary iron ( flat iron) you can iron with high efficiency using the steam method. Can be used for quick ironing with the results of the neat and shiny does not cause scars on the disterika clothing.

Ordinary iron ( flat iron) can be steaming hot, which if it moves more slowly, the result will be better. It takes more or less 3 minutes for the function of iron can be used with more leverage. On the whole function of ordinary iron ( flat iron) is capable of producing steam heat and distribute it to the board strong bottom made from a mixture of aluminum and metal.

Dry Cleaning
Water adder ' s hole can be connected with the dry cleaning dry cleaning component and a component connection which can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the use of dry cleaning so that functions can be more easily used.

VITEK steam iron has a function of dry cleaning because it can conduct a thorough review of ironing clothes hung. As soon as practical, fast and is an innovative way of ironing clothes. For better results on the dirty part of soap should be applied first. Iron is the perfect type used in contemporary life that are practical and fast paced.

Therapeutic Steam
Connect the component therapy and therapy component connection into the water adder ' s hole, so that the steam out so you can make steam therapy against an unhealthy body parts. You can add a therapeutic effect by entering the Chinese herbal drug that has been mixed and inserted into the connection component therapy. Chinese herbal prescription drug should be used according to the instructions of the physician China ( Shinseh) . Chinese herbal medicine can be wrapped into a muslin first, and then inserted into
therapy component connection.

Additional Functions fragrances Steam Room ( Steam Fragrant)
You can add fragrances into therapy component connection, so that the steam out and make indoor air more fragrant. Can also add the vinegar into the therapy component connection ( vinegar can be dripped on cotton) or drug / soap sterilization / disinfektisasi, to perform disinfektisasi / sterilization of air inside the room.

Facial Steam
When using the component connection, attach a steam facial with water adder ' s hole, the top plug with a steam facial components ( steam facials and beauty is skin care appliance with steam which uses magnetic protective mask) . When steaming let' s face attached to the steam facials slowly, set the distance, until the face becomes comfortable. Every time 10-15 minutes, after evaporation of the face, use a cool towel to wash the face evenly.

Evaporation of this facial works on the principle of the sauna, the design / designs that utilize magnetic materials. after steam past the magnet, the active ion in the steam to get the magnet so that it becomes magnetized ions steam, this steam can help the skin metabolism and blood circulation becomes smooth, and accelerate the turnover of skin cells of the face.

Evaporation with steam facials done regularly can help make your skin smooth and soft. At the time of evaporation can also add other facial treatments to coat the face with beauty cream and then evaporated, so the result will be better. If you want to be added with other facial treatments is recommended to be done as per the instructions beautician.

Each time after use, the water must be checked and if you get the water has yellowed and yellow color imprint on the water boxes, water should be discarded and the water box should be cleaned before filling again with clean water. How to clean the water box is to use half a cup vinegar plus 5 cups water to soak the water box for a few hours, then brush on the yellowing and rinse thoroughly.

1. It is advisable to lay the usual iron ( flat iron) in an upright position. If placed in a flat position, preferably covered with a tuft of cloth or mat to avoid a steam iron that melts so as to wet the clothes.
2. On Steam function Therapeutic Chinese herbal medicine to fill should not be more than half the capacity of filling therapy component connection, therefore, herbal medicine will not prevent the steam vent to remove the air / gas.
3. On the function of air freshener, fragrances, or cotton should not be added over into excessive drug box because it can inhibit the hole to release steam


Made in: China
Electricity Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 500 Watts
Maximum Capacity: 200 ml
Warming time: 3-5 minutes
Usage Time: 20 minutes ( 2 WATER CUP)
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